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ukrainian nuclear industry 

Nuclear power engineering takes a great part in the industry of Ukraine. Nuclear Power Plant generation share in 2000 was 46.3 per cent of the total electricity generation in Ukraine. Portion of NPP's installed capacity in Ukraine's energy structure is 24 per cent.

Administration of nuclear power industry of Ukraine is performed by State Department on Nuclear Power which is a part of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Besides, the National Nuclear Energy Generation Company "ENERGOATOM" was established in 1996 for improvement of energy supply of industrial and public sector, upgrading of nuclear power plants efficiency, providing their competitiveness under conditions of energy market, as well as at bringing of the present structure of nuclear power management in compliance with the legislation in force. ENERGOATOM comprises five nuclear power plants, namely: Zaporizhzhya NPP, South-Ukraine NPP, Rivne NPP, Khmelnitsky NPP and Chornobyl NPP.

The vital importance for nuclear power industry has the list of Ukrainian suppliers of equipment and services for NPPs. At present the list of main suppliers of equipment and services looks as follows:

  • Scientific management of NPP development "Kurchatov Institute" (Russia)
  • NPP design "Kievenergoproject" "Kharkovenergoproject"
  • Energy equipment development NIKIET, OKB "Hydropres", NPO, "CKTI" (Russia)
  • Equipment production and supply
    • "Atommash" (Russia)
    • "Izhorsky Plant"(Russia)
    • LMZ PEO "Electrosila"(Russia)
    • Podolsky machine manufacturing plant (Russia)
    • PO "Turboatom" (Ukraine).
    • PO "Zaporozhtransformator" (Ukraine).
    • Khartron-Enkos (Ukraine).
    • Westron (Ukraine).
    • Pump and power equipment machinery plant of Sumy "Nasosenergomash" (Ukraine).
    • ABB "Monolit" (Ukraine).
    • "ARMA" (Ukraine).
    • Ivano-Frankovsk hardware plant (Ukraine).
    • Zuev energymechanical plant (Ukraine).
    • "Impuls" (Ukraine).
    • Kharkov Machinery building plant (Ukraine).

The main producer of radioactive waste and places of their accumulation are:
NPPs (spent nuclear fuel and RAW);

  • Uranium mining and reprocessing industry (accumulated 65,5 millions tons of RAW);
  • Medical, scientific, industrial and other enterprises and organizations;
  • Ukrainian State Association (UkrSA "Radon") (there are 5000 M3 of RAW accumulated there);

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