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Workshop on the Use of PSA in NPP Operation and in Regulatory Decision Making

The workshop was held 17 - 21 of May, 2004, in facility of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, UKRAINE.

Summary of the Project Meeting on Neutronics/Thermal-Hydarulic Coupled Code Analysis of VVER-1000 and VVER-440 Reactors

The meeting took place in Kiev, Ukraine from December 9 to December 11, 2002 and was hosted by Kiev State University (KSU), Ukraine. Prof. Ihor Kadenko from KU opened the meeting. He welcomed the participants of the meeting on behalf of KSU and introduced the meeting agenda. The participants introduced themselves and the organizations they represented. Six participants from three organizations from two countries participated in the meeting.

Dr. Philip Pizzica provided opening remarks on behalf of ANL - the US Project Coordinator. The group was reminded that there must be better adherence to the project schedule, which has slipped somewhat due to many factors. At this time the project has continuing financial support but the future of the project will depend on the achievement of the project goals in a reasonable schedule. Dr. Kostadin Ivanov provided opening remarks on behalf of PSU - the Technical Assistant to the US Project Coordinator. He supported the need to accelerate the project schedule and stated that now there is also a technical basis for making a faster progress.
For more information see this documewnt (MS Word format)

Ukraine Code Support Project Workshop (September 2-13, 2002)
MELCOR/CONTAIN Codes Support Web Site (

The Ukraine Code Support Project was initiated with Planning and Project Meetings held in Kyiv, Ukraine May 20 and 21-22, 2002. The Planning Meeting involved the support organizations. The Project Meeting also included representatives from the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP), Zaporizhyzhe Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), Khmelnitskiy Nuclear Power Plant (KhNPP), Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP), and Kyiv Energoproekt (KIEP). The Ukraine Code Support Project was presented to the attendees. SAL, VEIKI, and ANL/RAE made presentations on their relevant expertise and capabilities.

Ukraine Code Support Meeting

The purpose of the Ukraine Code Support Project is to provide Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs) with a network of expert assistance with accident analysis computer codes such as MELCOR and CONTAIN. Efforts of the project have been directed at activities that actually make realistic as well as significant contributions toward the goal of enabling the Ukrainians to initiate and complete future accident analyses for their NPPs using only their own resources in the post-INSP era. Code support is provided by ANL/RAE, the Institute for Electric Power Research in Budapest, Hungary (VEIKI), the International Chornobyl Center (ICC) Safety Analysis Laboratory (SAL) and Laboratory for Engineering Research and Technology (LERT) in Slavutych.

Papers of Forum-6

Presenations of Forum-6 participants are available now at web site of Forum-6.

Reactor head information

Corrosion of the Reactor Vessel Head at Davis Besse NPP (Oak Harbour, Ohio, USA). Due to recent inquiries with regards to the reactor vessel head corrosion at Davis Besse, we would like to refer you to the Nuclear Regulatory Commision's web pages.

Japanese specialists' visit

During 6th-7th of March, 2002 the group of Japanese nuclear specialists visited Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and conducted a several lectures on nuclear industry of Japan.

Tadashi Hasegawa (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.) reading a lecture on Transfer of radionuclides and radiation protection in nuclear fuel cycle facilities.

Japanese specialists at laboratory of Department of Nuclear Physics and Safety.

Technical courses on RELAP 5 code

National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv conducted the RELAP 5 Workshop for National Scientific Center of Ukraine "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology" and its Scientific -Technical Complex "Nuclear Fuel Cycle". Find details on "Activities" page.

Sixth International Information Exchanges Forum

Forum - 6 on Safety Analysis for NPPs of VVER and RBMK types will be held at Kiev, Ukraine. For more information visit Forum-6 Web Site.

Safety upgrades

The reports(russian version only) regarding the safety upgrades, have been implemented at the Khmelnitskiy NPP Unit2 and Rivne NPP Unit4.

Seismic Hazard Report

New Seismic Hazard report for Ukrainian NPPs, sponsored by the International Nuclear Safety Program of the US Department of Energy, added to Technical Publications section.

Eddy current testing

Information about eddy current testing of SG tubing at Rivne Unit 1 NPP has been added.

Draft report

New information about comparison of Novovoronezh Unit 5 NPP and South Ukraine Unit 1 NPP Level 1 PRA results has been added.

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