INSC of Ukraine

Rivne unit #2

Fuel and cladding

Fuel UO2 pellet
Cladding Zr/1%Nb
Enrichment 2.4/3.6 %
Pellet Outer Diameter 7.565 mm
Pellet Inner Diameter 1.4/1.6 mm
Pellet's Cover Inner Diameter 1.2 mm
Pin Height 2572 mm
Pin Outside Diameter 9.15 mm

Fuel Assemblies

Number of Rods per Assembly 126
Rod Pitch 12.2 mm
Fuel Assembly Pitch 3217 mm

Core Configuration

Active Core Height 2500 mm
Active Core Diameter 2880 mm
Campaign 3-4 years
Reactivity Control Boric Acid
Number of Fuel Assemblies 349
Configuration of Assemblies Hexagon

Control System

Control Rod Drive Type el/mag
Number of Controled Rods per Assembly 36
Number of Control Banks 6
Absorbate Borated Steel

Primary Coolant

Coolant Material H2O
Pressure at Exit from Core 125 kgs/sm2
Core Inlet Temperature 267 deg C
Core Outlet Temperature 297 deg C
Number of Loops 6


Number of Turbines 1
Turbine Speed 3000 rev/min
Turbine Rating 500 MWe

Vessel and Containment

Vessel Material 48ÒÑ-3-40
Height 11800 mm
Weight 214000 kg
Inner Diameter 3542 mm
Wall Thickness 140 mm

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